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Beverley Wanjon
P.O. Box 802756
Santa Clarita, CA 91380

The Vizsla was officially recognized by the AKC 1960

OFA Certified

Stud Dog Services (offered to approved bitches)

Puppies Available Occasionally
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Puppy News!!!
Excited to share we have kept a baby boy out of Sparks x Feather litter!
Russet Leather Kezdet Lightning Strikes Twice "Strike", Stay tuned...

Pictures below of puppy "Strike" at 4 months old, 1st time in the pool... He's a Pro!
Strike's Swimming Videos & Photo Album!
Video 1      Video 2      Video 3      Photo Album
Hubert & Cheetah at Carmel
See more of our Puppy Photo's...  Photo Gallery page!
Puppy News!!
Ruby Mae x Russet Leather Ropin' The Wind "Callaway"  puppy!
Puppy News!!!
Puppy News!!!
Excited to welcome our new baby girl Derby Russet Leather Wild Cat "Cheetah" to Russet Leather Vizslas!
Owned & loved by Beverley Wanjon & Betty Meadows.  Thank you Sarah!  Bred by Sarah E. Barr, Ron & Brenda Laughlin.  Stay tuned...

12/02/2017 - 12/03/2017, "Cheetah" earned her JUNIOR HUNTER (JH) title with 4 straight passes!  Southern California Desert,
Owner Handled by Betty Meadows.  See more about Derby Russet Leather Wild Cat JH "Cheetah" on
Vizsla Girls!!!
The in the sun "Swimming Videos 1 & 2"!

Video 1      Video 2

Russet Leather Bright Eyes "Cheyenne" (Puppy - Pink Collar) and CH Russet Leather Wildflower "Luszi" (Teal & Pink Collar)
Owned & loved by Cheryl Peglow Borsanyi & Beverley Wanjon
Puppy News!!
AKC Breeder Of Merit - Platinum Level
Russet Leather Vizslas has produced
over 200 Champions!
10/06/2018, 6 weeks old, Listen Up!
Rindi whelped 5 puppies, 08/19/2018!
Mom & puppies are doing well!

Rindi - CH Russet Leather Snow Moon
Best Of Opposite Sex Winning

bred to

Koa - BISS GCH CH Russet Leather Koa Scout RI, FDC, CGC, AOM
Best In Specialty Show Winner, NOHS 8th Place - As of 08/09/2018, Award Of Merit and Achiever Dog Certificate
Multiple;  Owner Handled Group 1, Owner Handled Placements, Best Of Breed Winning

Rindi x Koa Litter Page click here!!!
Puppy Photo Album