03/30/2018, Rally Novice A, 1st Q leg, 3rd Place @ 9 1/2 years old!, Handled by Jim McClintock, San Luis Obispo Kennel Club, Bakersfield CA
04/01/2018, Rally Novice A, 2nd Q leg, 1st Place @ 9 1/2 years old!, Handled by Richard Graves, Kern County Kennel Club, Inc., Bakersfield CA
04/29/2018, Rally Novice A, 3rd Leg, 2nd Place (98 points) @ 9 1/2 years old!, Handled by Jim McClintock, Lake Matthews KC Rally Trial, Chino CA
05/24/2018, 7- 10 years, VETERAN SWEEPSTAKES, 1st Place, BEST OF BREED, Southern Calif Sporting DF, Pomona CA
05/25/2018, 1st Q Leg, Score of 84!, Handled by Jim McClintock, San Gabriel Valley Kennel Club, Pomona CA
05/27/2018, 2nd Q Leg, 2nd Place, Score of 88!, Handled by Jim McClintock, Antelope Valley Kennel Club, Pomona CA
05/28/2018, 3rd Q Leg, 1st Place, Score of 89!, Handled by Jim McClintock, San Fernando Kennel Club, Pomona CA
09/23/2018, Kichai was handled by Richard Graves, Kachina Kennel Club, Prescott Valley AZ,
10/18/2018, Kichai Fox received her AKC ACHIEVER DOG CERTIFICATE!
10/28/2018, Beginner Novice A, Qualifying Leg & 4th Place, Expertly handled by Jim McClintock, Pasanita Obedience Club, CA
11/02/2018, Beginner Novice A, 2nd Qualifying Leg, 2nd Place to Koa. She has one more leg to complete for her title.
Expertly handled by Jim McClintock, Tri-Valley Working Dog Club All Breed Obedience Trials, CA
11/23/2018, 3rd Q Leg, 1st Place, Score 198.5!  Handled by Richard Graves, Scottsdale Dog Fanciers Assn, Inc., Chandler AZ,

01/04/2020, 10 years and older bitches, 2nd Place, Veteran Sweepstakes, Judge Mrs. Linda Durham , South Coast Vizsla Club, Indio CA
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AKC Achiever Dog Certificate - 2018, Veteran's Sweepstakes Best Of Breed Winning - 2018, Always Owner Handled!

Kichai's incredible journey; 9 1/2 years old earns her Rally Novice (RN) title, followed by her Rally Intermediate (RI) title one month later.
Approaching 10 years old she earns her Novice Trick Dog (TKN) & Intermediate Trick Dog (TKI) titles.
The day after her 10th Birthday she earned her Beginner Novice (BN) title (1st Place, Score 198.5!).  Bringing her total titles attained to 6!
Titles attained; Beginner Novice (BN), Rally Intermediate (RI), Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Intermediate Trick Dog (TKI)

AKC Registration #:  SR53732301          DOB:  November 22, 2008  
Sire:  CH Russet Leather Pale Ryder Of Tamaron "Ryder"
Dam:  CH Russet Leather's Lucky Lola "Lola"
Bred By Beverley Wanjon & Tracey Watson
Owned & loved by Jim McClintock & Richard Graves
Pedigree          My Photo Album
10/06/2018, Kichai, South Coast Vizsla Club Fun Day.
Koa & Kichai got to try some scent work and bird work & both had a blast for their first time with live birds.
Kichai - Russet Leather Kichai Fox BN, RI, CGC, TKI