Report Date: 08/22/2018

Progeny Report
CH Grouseptsemperfibougainville

Name:CH Grouseptsemperfibougainville
AKC #:SN442822/02 Breed/Variety:Vizsla
Birth Date:05/03/1997 Sex:Female

Name Reg Number Date of Birth Gender
CH Grouspt Smprfi Barbary Coast
SR083028/01 05/01/2003 Male
CH Grouspt Semprfi Home At G'Sea
SR083028/02 05/01/2003 Female
CH Grousept Semperfi Heaven's Dynamo
SR083028/03 05/01/2003 Male
CH Grouspt Semprfi Tickled Pink
SR083028/04 05/01/2003 Female
CH Grousept Semperfi Van Pelt
SR083028/05 05/01/2003 Male
CH Grousept Semperfi Angel Face JH
SR002931/01 02/01/2002 Female
CH Grouspt Semprfi Vorosakapink
SR002931/02 02/01/2002 Female
CH Grousept Semperfi Princeimre
SR002931/03 02/01/2002 Male
CH Grouse PT Semper Fi Nehemiah
SR002931/04 02/01/2002 Female
CH Grouseptsemperfi Razzmatazz JH
SR002931/05 02/01/2002 Male
CH Grouse PT Semper Fi Marianas JH
SR002931/06 02/01/2002 Female
CH Mehagian Grouspt SF Veracruz JH
SR002931/07 02/01/2002 Female

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